mrspoc Package


Nprime_fov(b) Average number of field of view passages per star including dead time overhead for a target at galactic latitude b [deg].
draw_random_sunspot_latitudes(n[, mean_latitude]) Draw one or more random samples from the sunspot latitude distribution.
draw_random_sunspot_radii(n) Draw one or more random samples from the sunspot radius distribution.
get_table_ms([plot, ax]) Open the TGAS catalog for all stars brighter than G < 12, make CMD cuts to flag just the main sequence stars.
sigma_fov(Gmag) Approximate Gaia astrometric uncertainty in a single measurement, i.e.
test([package, test_path, args, plugins, …]) Run the tests using py.test.


Spot([x, y, z, r, contrast, stellar_radius]) Properties of a starspot.
Star([spots, u1, u2, r, radius_threshold, …]) Object defining a star.

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